Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sophie's little hand.
Sophie crossing her legs

We had an ultrasound on Monday. It went OK. Pretty much the same as what we were told at 15 weeks. Nothing has changed as far as abnormalities. She has grown and is measuring correctly. I thought I was ready to see her on the screen, but it seems like every time we go in for a doctor's appt., I take two steps back. It was hard to look at her little body and know my time is limited with her. We don't really know how much time the Lord is going to give us, but we know that if we even have a week, we will be blessed. We plan to spend every moment with her and loving her. We have prayed and we will not take drastic measures to prolong her life (life support etc.). We trust our God to take her when He is ready. I want with all my heart to keep her with me, but it would be truly selfish of me to keep her from her creator's arms. She will safe and perfect with Him, and I know that heaven will be a sweeter place because I have a daughter who will be waiting for me. Until then, I will cherish the moments I have with her. She is quite a kicker and has kept me up at night kicking so hard! I have a few pictures to post. She was laying face down so we couldn't see her that well. The lady who did our sonogram was precious and let us look at her for about an hour. Dr. Daniel was also right there with me. How I thank God for him each day. I can't imagine this process without the love and support from a doctor who loves the Lord. He is just incredible. He is not only my doctor, but a friend and prayer warrior for our family. He is so patient with me and lets me ask him as many questions as I can think of. I ask him at every visit, "You mean you have never seen this before, I am your only one?" He always tells me, "Yep, precious, you are my one and only." Carlton also asked Dr. Daniel to be part of Sophie's services. He was very emotional and graciously accepted. Please continue to pray for us. Please pray for me this week. Its always hard to go back to the doctor. Specifically, pray that I would not worry about her suffering and that the Lord would be merciful and take her peacefully.

Enjoy her beautiful pictures,



Terria Burton said...

I also love Dr Daniel. I will pray that your time with Sophie is filled with love and that she does not suffer in any way. You are both so strong. I will also be praying for Noah and Hannah Grace.

Kimberly and Jonathan said...

I haven't read your blog in a few weeks and I am crying after reading the last two posts. I love "from all your affliction His glory shall spring, and the deeper your sorrows, the louder you'll sing". It makes me cry just thinking about how true that is, even though sometimes it doesn't seem like you will ever sing again.
I love the pictures of Sophie.. so sweet. God is faithful and loves you very much!
Praying for you,

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

Those are the sweetest pictures! And, what a wonderful post! You are such a godly woman!
Keeping you in my prayers!


Shea Luckett said...

Loving you all and continuing to lift you in prayer. What a beautiful baby girl she is. And such a lady with her sweet legs crossed! God bless you all. Hannah Grace and Noah are beautiful too. I know you are so extremely proud. And God bless Lily. What a wonderful family she will be welcomed into when you have her home with you.
Love, Shea