Saturday, June 9, 2007

Beach Pictures 2007

We had a wonderful vacation this past week. The kids were at a great age this summer and they really turned into little beach bums! We spent Monday at gulf world, that was a blast! Hannah Grace got to shake hands with the dolphins. It was great being able to get away and spend time with our family. My mom and her family and my grandmother were also at the beach with us! Noah really got spoiled by Granny. One morning, I went into the kitchen and he was eating Cheetos, Cookies, and a popcicle for breakfast! Hannah Grace had a great time with her cousin Isabella. Carlton and I got to spend lots of time together too. We celebrated our 9th anniversary at the beach. We went out to dinner and ate shrimp until we were about to pop! Well, back to the real world....... Oh, its not so bad! :)

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