Sunday, July 29, 2007

China Family Reunion

We had such a great time at the China Family Reunion. I was a little overwhelmed at all the children. There were about 43 families with children adopted from China. Hannah Grace was in heaven. She kept running up to me saying, " Mommy, her name is Lily too, or look at her, look at her" I caught Noah flirting with most of the little girls. He can be such a charmer. Carlton and I met another sweet couple who is also going through the paperwork process. We hope to keep in touch with thier journey. Well, I have a link posted for a video.
One of the sweetest "Gotcha Day" videos I have seen. Sit back and grab a tissue. It worth the 10 minutes......... But, I am warning you again, its a tear-jerker.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer update

Nocalulla Falls
We rode this train at least 6 times!

Granny had a great time too!

WHOA! It has been so long since we have posted! This summer has just flown by. Granny came to stay with us for a couple weeks and that is always fun! I have been taking some classes at JSU in order to keep up my certification and projects and busy work has consumed the little spare time I have! We spent one week with Carlton in Louisville at Southern Seminary. He his half-way through with his doctorate. The kids and I visited every book store in that town to pass the time! Back in Jacksonville, Carlton has been very busy with the new church building plans! Our quest for our little girl, Lily, is still going strong. We are finishing up our homestudy and our plan is to get our dossier in the mail 3 days before my 30th birthday. (12-9-07) Looks like China has really slowed down with thier referrals and that can be a little discouraging. But, we know the Lord is completely sovereign and he will give us Lily in His time. We will be attending Lifeline's China Family Reunion this next weekend. There, we will meet others who are going through paperwork, and families with children from China! I am really looking forward to this. One sweet note>While we were in Louisville, we saw a BUNCH on children who were adopted from China. One little girl was in the book store and Hannah Grace was completly infatuated with her. She basically stalked the girl. (OK, I admit, I did too) I am sure the mom was a little freaked out by our staring. Hannah Grace continued to follow her around and while I was reading she said, "Oh, Mama, I nearly got the chance to touch her!" That night, in the hotel, I heard her crying. I went to her room and she said,"Mama, I can't take it anymore, I need Lily now. I can't wait any longer." Honestly, I thought my heart would just break into. But, I sat down with her and we prayed for God to speed up the process and to protect Lily wherever she may be. I left her room and I thought I would have a complete "cry fest" by myself (carlton was gone studying). Well, I did have a little one. But, I realized, not only is my heart aching for Lily to be home, but her sister's heart is also. Pray with us that God will give us patience and strength during this lengthy process.