Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NOAH'S First Day Of Pre-school

After taking Noah, HG and I went to the coffee shop to Homeschool. (Coffee-house-school :) )
Noah's classroom (he loves that reading loft in the back!)

He found a puzzle that he really liked!

He has already made a buddy.

Hmmmm..we don't have this book at home.

Noah's Teacher "Mrs. Carter"
( I think he might be a little nervous!)

A picture before we leave home.

My big, big boy.

Okay, I survived. Somehow, I made it through the first day of pre-school. Why have I turned into such a mom as this???? I was never like this with Hannah Grace... maybe its because he is my youngest. Today, I was the type of mom that I always DISLIKED when I taught school. You know the mom who just CAN"T leave!!!!!!! Well, I walked him in (they usually pick them up from the car) but I had a GOOD excuse.... I needed to make sure he knew where the potty was. So, I showed him where the potty was and then I just followed him around. I know, I am nuts. I kept saying "Noah, are you going to be OK? Noah do you want to play this, do you want to play that? " Then, I was taking like a bazillion pictures. Anyway, he had a great day. He made lots of friends and really loved playing outside. Hey, I have a great idea, I will just blame today's insane mommy behavior on pregnancy hormones.
Enjoy the pictures. (I know there are way too many!)


Kimberly and Jonathan said...

Noah, such a big boy getting his hair cut and doing so great on his first day of pre school!! He is so cute! I wouldn't want him to grow up either.
I'm glad you survived as well!

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

What a brave young man! He is soooo cute!

Katie Lin is enjoying her preschool too.