Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dear Friends,

I wanted to get these picture up quicker, but our family has been hit with the flu! YUK! We all (except HG) came down with it on Thursday. I am feeling better today, just a little weak. I am still trying to figure out how to post a power point slide show....ughh technology! If anyone knows how, please help!

We really had a great time this past week just being together. Carlton and I both slept about 12 hours a night for 3 days. Sweet little Hannah Grace would wake up and take care of Noah, I think they watched waaaaay too much TV...and they ate complete junk food for breakfast, but hey, who cares. It was really great to get away. It was even better to come home (especially being sick) to a CLEAN house. Thank you Grace Fellowship women for cleaning my house and stocking my freezer with food. Ya'll really went above and beyond!

So, you ask, How am I doing? - Honestly, I have good moments and really low moments. I really struggle at night. Its weird, it gets dark outside, and I start getting a lot of anxiety. Its in these moments that I really have to cling to God's word and pray, pray, pray. I honestly have to say, I never expected it to be this hard. While I was pregnant, I thought that once she was born, I would be able (to some extent) to grieve and move on. Boy, was I wrong. How I wish she was back in my belly! My body literally aches to hold her, to have her with me. Selfishly, I want her back! But, in my heart, I know she is with her precious Savior and is happy. I told my mom, I feel like I have turned into an old woman. You know, old people, they sit around and long for heaven. Now, heaven seems so sweet and wonderful. How wonderful it will be to hold my daughter again and most of all, wrap my arms aroung my Savior who has carried me faithfully through this trial. As hard as this road was and is... I know He will reach out His hands to me and say "Well done, my child." And all the heartache and suffering will be worth it, just to be able to hear those words.

I have so much more to write, but that is all for now. Back to the bed to eat more crackers and watch yet another makeover episode on TLC. UGH...

I am working on the other blog this week. Hopefully, I will have it up by the end of the week. This blog will journal our adoption and it will also be a place for me to journal my thoughts.

I hope you enjoy these precious pictures of our little girl. She was more beautiful than I ever imagined.



Bob & Mai Xia said...

These are precious photos. Thanks for sharing them. Bob and I are so envious of your 9 minutes with Sophie Ann. Hang in there, friend. I know just how you feel.

In Him,
Mai Xia

London said...

The photos are beautiful. Thank you aimee for sharing this with us.

thinking of you.

amanda x

Aaron and Erica said...

These pictures are beautiful. I will be praying that your evenings will get easier as you mourn the loss of this precious gift from God.

In Him,


Anonymous said...

Those photos are precious, precious, precious. Thanks for sharing them on your blog. I hope your fears and anxiety lessen with time. Gods love to you and your family.

Amy Fisher
Owensboro, KY

Sonya said...

The pictures are beautiful! I know you will always treasure them! Just priceless!
Thank you for sharing.

Sorry to hear that you are sick, but glad you are getting better!


Talley Images said...

wow - those pictures are just beautiful....

sorry that you guys are sick, hope you all feel better soon...

thank you for sharing your heart with us


Brook said...

Those pictures are so wonderful!!

I hope you all get to feeling better and will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are so so precious !! You & your family are
such a inspration & a true testimony of how great god is. Thank for sharing! You are in my prayers

Anonymous said...

The pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for posting them on here for us to enjoy! (and your right Sophie was beautiful!) Aimee, thank you for sharing your heart with us. I am praying for you and your precious family.
I love you girl!
Jessica Crow

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your heart during this time of trial. love you aimee

The Ferrill's said...

Oh I'm so sorry you've been sick!
Aimee these pictures are BEAUTIFUL! So sweet...they just capture the love you all have for Sophie.
Thank you SO much for sharing these. They have blessed me so much today.
Zeph. 3:17
I continue to lift your family up to Jesus everyday....

Lisa said...

SO sorry that you all have been sick.
Thank you so much for sharing the photos. The photos are breathtaking. She had a head full of hair. She looks like a little angel. I continue to lift you and your family up in prayer.

KristinRanae said...

Aimee~ I'm not sure if you remember me or not. I'm Kristin, Ann Cooper's daughter. I've been keeping up with your family through Cristen Strickland. I just want you to know that I think about you SO much! I can only imagine what you are going through and please know that I pray that God heals your pain. Sophie Ann was a gorgeous baby girl and she is now a precious angel shining down and protecing your sweet family!

KristinRanae said...

One more thing, I wanted to share this verse that I came across after my grandmother died. It really helped me through the really sad days...

"The Lord is close to those whose hearts are breaking." Psalm 34:18a

Ashley Hawk said...

Hi Amy, i just wanted to let you know that i am praying for you and your family. Your daughter is beautiful and i hope you all are doing well. About the slideshow, If you use the website you can make a slideshow. I don't know how it works on your website but you could try. I hope that works. Take care and i hope to see you next time you are in town.

Ashley Hawk

Ashley Hawk said...

sorry for misspelling your name. I didnt even realize when i typed the msg.

Angela said...

Aimee, I cannot imagine as a mother what you must feel, but I wanted you both to know that your willingness to share really touched my heart. Your words and pictures were beautiful! I found myself crying at times and others smiling and feeling thankful for my own children. I admire so much your faith in God, and your trust in his plan for your family. Your family has been in my prayers, and will continue to be.
Love in Christ, Angela