Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our church's home school group had an "Open House" this past weekend. Hannah Grace invited several friends from church to attend. The kids sang some Christmas songs and each child did something special like reciting Bible verses, singing, or playing the piano. I was amazed at how brave these kids were. All the mothers jokingly agreed that maybe our home school kids didn't have the limelight enough, so they took full advantage of it! It was a great night. We were able to eat together in the fellowship hall afterwards and the children had lots of their school work displayed for everyone to see! I enjoyed being able to see what other fun projects the other students are doing. I learn so much from other moms who have "been there" a lot longer than me! Homeschooling has worked well for us so far this year. Carlton and I take homeschooling on a year to year basis and consider what is best for our child for that year. This year, teaching Hannah Grace at home has been a blessing. I have been able to pick and choose what curriculum is best for her. Being a former school teacher, I really enjoy going to the curriculum fairs. I was able to grab bits and pieces of many different curriculums and combine them all together for a perfect fit for Hannah Grace. We use Saxon math, Abeka Reading, Rod and Staff Reading and Spelling, and Rod and Staff for Science and Social Studies/Geography. We also take full advantage of our public library for unit studies and independent reading. I can't keep her out of those American Girl books! But, I have read a few, and I really like them! So, YAY!
For all those that were unable to attend the Open really missed a treat. Hannah Grace played "What a Mighty Fortress is Our God" and "The First Noel" on the piano and then she did her Bible verses. She got very timid when she went to the microphone to say her verses and big alligator tears started to fall. I motioned for her to come and sit down. Well, about 10 minutes later, she was begging Carlton and I to let her try again. So, she went back up to the stage and bless her heart...she started crying again. It was BREAKING my heart! I motioned for her to come and sit down. I kept saying, "Its OK, you did great." BUT..this time she refused to sit down. She was so determined to say all 8 verses. What a brave little girl.. she stood at the microphone and said all of the verses! Everyone clapped for her and I don't think there was one dry eye in the room! I was so proud of her. I couldn't believe that she had the guts to get back up there and be so determined. I have a lot to learn from my 5 year old.
Please continue to pray for us and little Sophie. I am currently almost 28 weeks along and starting to feel really pregnant! She is constantly moving and flipping around. Please pray that she will not stay breech. I can't imagine her staying in any position with all the flipping thats going on in there. We go back to see Dr. Daniel next Tuesday, can you believe its been 3 weeks? It seems like that's all I do, go to the Dr. Also, pray for Carlton. He lost his grandfather this past week. He preached his service on Wednesday and it was wonderful. But, it was hard because all we could think about was Sophie. We know the Lord is going to sustain us through whatever may come. By his grace alone, are we able to be strong. We know we have some tough days ahead of us. But, we know we serve a God who will never leave us or forsake us.
Will write again soon,

For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. . . - Psalm 37:28


Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

OK Hannah Grace you are so brave! HOW WONDERFUL that you completed all of your verses! An, you looked BEAUTIFUL too!



The Ferrill's said...

My favorite pic is of her singing with her mouth open so pretty...she looks like an angel! What a precious baby you have!