Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bundled up and ready to see ZOO-LIGHTS in Birmingham

From Beside Still Waters, Charles Spurgeon
"The safest part of a Christian's life is during a trial. How we pray in adversity! We cannot live without prayer. We carry our burden to the mercy seat again and again.

When we are depressed, ,we read our Bibles, we do not care for deceiving light literature. We want the solid promise, the strong meat, of God's kingdom.

In adversity, we listen, we do no care for flowers and fine bits of rhetoric. We want the Word. We want the naked doctrine. We want Christ. We cannot be fed on whims and fancies now. We care less about theological speculation and ecclesiastical authority. We want to know something about eternal love, everlasting faithfulness, and the dealings of the Lord of hosts with the souls of His people. We walk lightly in the world and hold it with a loose grip. We expect to be often in the way, and we hope to be out of the way, because the world has lost its attraction. I greatly question if we ever grow in grace unless we are in the furnace.

This is the way it should be: the joys and blessings that God gives in this life should make us increase in grace and gratitude.

These joys should be sufficient motivation for the highest form of consecration. As a rule, however, most of us are only driven closer to Christ in a storm. There are blessed and favored exceptions, but most of us need the rod. We do not seem to learn obedience except through the Lord's chastening."

I am including this video about a mother who went through a similar experience as I am facing. It was a blessing to me, but grab a few tissues first. Click on the link below.

~Thank you for your continued prayers. Please pray that God will give us wisdom as we make decisions regarding Sophie's birth plan.


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The Ferrill's said...

Oh I love that devotion. Especially this: "I greatly question if we ever grow in grace unless we are in the furnace." Thank you for sharing that. The video was so touching. I loved when the mother said she told her son that his life has a purpose. That is truth, just as Sophie's life has great purpose, Aimee! I am praying for you. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. You minister to me a lot!
In Christ,