Sunday, August 12, 2007

China Family Reunion Picture

Here is a picture from the China Family Reunion. Ya'll always hear me talking about Karla, well, here she is. From Left to Right:Karla, Me and Kimberly. Karla is a god-send. Lifeline has the BEST social workers. Karla is very open and honest and keeps me level-headed. I honestly didn't expect an "employee" to care or love each Lifeline family. Its obvious that her job is not a "job" but a calling from the Lord. She has become such a good friend of mine and Carlton. And next to me is Kimberly, my new friend. We have lots in common, we are both getting a sweet little girl from China. She chose a little girl with a special need, Anna Brooke is ADORABLE!!!!! They will be going to get her really soon. I will post her blog so you can follow along on her journey! Kimberly and I just happen to "run-into" each other at the reunion. I think we were the only Paperchasing family there. So, we immediately had a connection. She and her husband, Jonathan, love the Lord and so our bond is much bigger than our China adoption!


Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

Karla IS sooooo AWESOME! We LOVE her too!!!


Kimberly and Jonathan said...

Yes, Karla is awesome!
Love your blog... just wanted to say hello.
We have our second homestudy meeting coming up soon.

Roxanne said...

Good for people to know.