Sunday, July 29, 2007

China Family Reunion

We had such a great time at the China Family Reunion. I was a little overwhelmed at all the children. There were about 43 families with children adopted from China. Hannah Grace was in heaven. She kept running up to me saying, " Mommy, her name is Lily too, or look at her, look at her" I caught Noah flirting with most of the little girls. He can be such a charmer. Carlton and I met another sweet couple who is also going through the paperwork process. We hope to keep in touch with thier journey. Well, I have a link posted for a video.
One of the sweetest "Gotcha Day" videos I have seen. Sit back and grab a tissue. It worth the 10 minutes......... But, I am warning you again, its a tear-jerker.


Amanda said...

oooh Aimee! You were so right! That is a tear jerker! What an incredible sight :) Thanks for sharing. I am so happy to know your process is going well. We are right there with you! Darren and I find out if our agency has a match for us within the next couple of weeks. If so, we begin our home study with the social worker right away. If not, we got on a waiting list. Lots of prayers to you and your family. We definatly understand what you are going through.
Amanda Hickman Gurney

Anonymous said...

I never get to say much to you at church. I am glad you and Carlton are going through the process of adoption. What a blessing to go through the process of adoption. I was adopted from Germany. It is a blessing to be adopted and to have someone that gives you a chance at a better life than the one you are born into. Adoption is a blessing from God.